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We have selected a few of the most visible companies in various fields; we cover all fields and translate diverse texts, from financial reports and agreements to newspaper articles, instructions for use, etc.

We work with Julija when translating technical texts into foreign languages. Their speed, consistency and attitude towards the written word are commendable.
"We very appreciated the quick and professional service at Julija. Prompt reply, timing flexibility and good translations quality are for sure good reasons to work together in future".
Zdruzenje manager
"The world is becoming a global village and it is imperative to maintain one's position in the international environment. Consequently, the number of professional international events is on the increase and it is important for good translation to facilitate communication. Združenje Manager collaborates with Julija when it comes to organising meetings attended by Slovenian managers and foreign managers operating in Slovenia, as well as numerous eminent foreign guests and experts."
internet influence
I have worked with Julija prevajalska agencija on numerous occasions, each and every time they’ve exceeded our expectations.  On occasion we’ve needed to get jobs completed within tight deadlines, luckily for us Julija prevajalska agencija have always completed them within the time and budget.  Thank you from all at Internet Influence, and look forward to working with you in future.
prva group
... Things were conducted professionally and within the agreed deadline, so we are very happy with our collaboration...
… The Julija translation agency provides us with fast and professional translations. We can always count on them to complete their work within the deadline and to provide quality services...
… professional and friendly, sticking to the deadlines and open to the need for urgent translations, which need to be completed within a very short time…
... The Julija translation agency always responds to our requests with speed, flexibility and professionally executed services. Despite the difficult content of our documents, they are always translated correctly and in time for further use...
i feel slovenia
… Translations are completed quickly, they are consistent and of high quality. We are very satisfied with the translations...
institut jožef štefan
... At the educational centre for nuclear technology of the Jožef Stefan Institute, we have ordered several translations of technical texts from the Julija translation agency. We have always been satisfied with their services, the translations were done quickly and correctly...
... we were very happy with the quality of your services, your response time and above all with the fact that we always get quality translations of various documents at precisely the agreed time...
... we were very happy with the quality of your services, your response time and above all with the fact that we always get quality translations of various documents at precisely the agreed time...
center RS za poklicno izobraževanje
… A quality service performed quickly. A company that we can count on…
univerza nova gorica
At the School of Engineering and Management, University of Nova Gorica, our experience with the Julija translation agency has been overwhelmingly positive; they offer quality and professionally executed services.
Some time ago, we decided to choose a translation agency for our public institute with content covering several different fields. By choosing Julija, we got quality services in all fields, both translation and proofreading, at an affordable price. We would particularly like to stress their professional and fast approach from order to completion. We would recommend the Julija translation agency to everyone who swears by quality and professionalism in their work.
steklarna hrastnik
We have had nothing but positive experience with Julija in connection with translating and the professional attitude of its employees. They always respect the deadlines, are consistent in their work and have a warm relationship with us. At the celebration of our company's 150th anniversary this June, they provided an excellent simultaneous interpreting service using the latest equipment. They are a reliable partner.
zavod RS za šolstvo
We worked extremely well with the Julija translation agency during Slovenia's presidency of the teaching bodies of the European School in Brussels. Their services were professional and quick.

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