Why Julija

Julija or Juliet is known in the world of art as a name for fatal and strong women who influenced the lives of people around them in one way or another. One such woman was Primičeva Julija, the muse and unrequited love of Slovenia's greatest poet France Prešeren. Another is Juliet from William Shakespeare's 16th century immortal and tragic love story Romeo and Juliet. There is also Aleksander Mežek’s song Julija – at almost every concert, the audience will not let him leave the stage until he has performed it. And there is another Julija in the Slovenian business sphere – a successful translation agency. Director Petra Skvarča explains why the name Julija was selected for the translation agency this article is presenting:  »Just as the poems to Primičeva Julija left their mark on Slovenian literature, so our company and its love for the Slovenian language are making their mark in the world of translation.«

(Source: Dnevnik, 23.03.2010)

At Julija, we provide all linguistic services in one place. We are always available and have highly qualified human resources enabling us to offer quality and on-time services.

  • We translate and proofread in over 93 languages.
  • We provide certified translations of various documents.
  • We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at various events.
  • We organise conferences and offer equipment for simultaneous interpretation (booths, headphones, sound system, etc.) with experienced interpreters.


Tradition and our dedication to the Slovenian language distinguish us from other providers of translation services.
Because of our dedication to language and excellence, we guarantee that all translations by our translators are 100% correct.

All Julija translators have a minimum of 5 years' experience and at least 1000 translated pages in their specific field of expertise.


Translators, proofreaders and editors are carefully selected for each individual text to ensure that they are qualified in the required field.


An incorrect translation can have serious consequences. Incorrectly translated usage instructions, medical records or other important documents can cost lives or cause unimaginable damage to your business.


A translated document reflects your company. Your clients will perceive your company through the translation. We therefore recommend that you choose an established translation agency such as Julija.

CONTACTS info@julija.si

+386 (0)1 425 50 11

To avoid bad decisions when translating difficult texts, we offer assistance for the translation of technical terms or short but difficult sentences. Do not risk your company’s reputation – contact us on our phone number +386 (0)1 425 50 11 and consult our experts free of charge.

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