Written Translations

At Julija, we provide written translations of all types of texts in the fields of economy, nature and science. The service includes proofreading by native speakers.

In order to ensure the consistency and high quality of our translations, we use translation tools.

If your text is in a highly specific field of expertise, we will have an expert assist us in the process of translation and ensure that the correct terminology is used.

Larger projects of 500 pages or more will be taken care of by a team of translators. The team leader coordinates, supervises and harmonises the terminology and content of the translation. In this way, we are able to provide a consistent translation and offer a better and faster service.

 At Julija, every text goes through 4 stages before it is returned to the client. A written translation or proofread text is merely the final result of the translation process. This process begins with the translator and proofreader; then the text is reviewed by the editor and lastly by the project manager, who performs the final review.


  • Finance, economy and law.
  • Construction, architecture and geodesy.
  • Medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology and zoology.
  • Automotive industry, technical science and engineering.
  • The field of science and education.
  • General texts, literature, articles, tourism, etc.
  • Localisation.

  The Process of Written Translation


I.   Drawing up an Offer
At Julija, we take a personal approach to every order and we are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day. For every request, we prepare an offer that includes the deadline and the cost of translation.

II.   Translation

Julija’s translators are divided into different fields of expertise. Each translation is given to a translator in the appropriate field and is sent to a translator in a country where the language of translation is the official language. In this way, we can ensure that the text is adapted to your target audience.

III.   Proofreading
At Julija, all texts are proofread by native speakers, who correct the grammar and adapt the text to the target culture. By offering native speaker proofreading, we ensure that our translations are high quality and suitable for the target culture.

IV.   Editing
In the editing stage, the content of the translation is checked against the original. The editor makes sure that the translation offers the correct interpretation of the text.

V.   Final Review 
Before we submit the translation to our client, we carry out a final review to ensure that the translation is complete, in the same form as the original and that all the names and numbers are correct.

If you would like to get a price quote for your text, send it to us at info@julija.si and we will have an offer ready for you within 15 minutes.
To thank you for choosing our agency, we offer a special discount on your first order, as well as free proofreading.

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