Machine translation
and post-editing

We always keep in step with technological trends and innovations.

ISO 18587

At the Julija Translation Agency, we’re continually building upon our knowledge of machine translation. Our expertise and qualifications are also confirmed by the ISO 18587 international certificate, which demonstrates that we follow proven procedures in the field of machine translation and text editing, and always provide high-quality translations.

Suitability of
machine translation

Whether your text is suitable for machine translation depends on the source and target languages, on the type of text, on the professional field, and on the timeframe. At Julija, we provide you with consultation so that we can jointly determine whether machine translation is the right way to go for your specific project.

Machine translation is an effective choice for:

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large volumes of text where superficial meaning of the translation is sufficient, and where the service must be provided in a short span of time,

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repetitive texts in the same language combinations from specific fields (this includes, for example, technical texts, user manuals, internal documentation, texts with a simple grammatical structure, etc.).

It should be emphasised that machine translations:

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require post-editing by a qualified translator as a requisite,

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are not suitable for creative texts such as marketing copy.



Document analysis and text preparation

After receiving your text, our team of project managers performs an analysis of the text and advises you on how best to carry out the translation project, and on whether the text is suitable for machine translation.


Machine translation

When a decision is made to go with machine translation, the text is then machine translated. The project manager provides instructions and guidance to the post-editor, thereby preparing the next stage of the translation process.


Post-editing process in machine translation

The machine-translated text is handled by a seasoned, qualified post-editor, who is a native speaker of the target language. The text is then revised and adapted so that it meets the highest quality standards.


Delivery of the translation

Before delivering the translation, we once again check its quality, as well as preparing glossaries and potential questions. We then hand over the final text to you for confirmation.

Want to work with us?

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Regarding our cooperation, we would highlight in particular the response time, and the receipt of translations within the agreed deadline. Considering the variety of documentation, we can commend the versatility of the translators.


Gute Preise, schnell und immer freundlich!
Good prices, fast, and always friendly!


Our many years of cooperation with the Julija Translation Agency serve as proof of their excellence. We appreciate their professionalism, reliability, speed, adaptability, and comprehensive range of knowledge and services.


Our company treasures the values we uphold. We have also recognised these values in the Julija Translation Agency, our business partner of many years. We were particularly impressed by their promptness, flexibility, and kindness. Their extraordinary dedication to work is felt in their daily communication, as is their desire to provide their clients with the best, and this is where our confidence in them originates. We are happy to have a provider who understands us. That way nothing gets lost in translation.


Every request is handled in a friendly and prompt manner, and the orders are completed quickly and with high quality. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and can highly recommend the agency.


We have had really good experiences with the Julija Translation Agency. They are incredibly responsive and very friendly, and the translations are of high quality and often completed even before the promised deadline, which is of great importance for our work.


Rapid responsiveness, professional, high-quality work done within agreed deadlines, and friendly communication are the reasons why we choose you again and again for help with translation and interpretation.


We have been working regularly with the Julija Translation Agency for a long time. They are distinguished by their responsiveness, their professionalism, and their friendliness. They adapt to the project and to the field, and always take our wishes into account, even down to the smallest of details.


The reason for successful cooperation over the years is your high-quality, reliable, fast translations. We appreciate your responsiveness and your ability to adapt to our needs, as well as your highly professional approach.


We are very satisfied with the services of the Julija Translation Agency, as they are very responsive, professional, and friendly.


We often cooperate with the Julija Translation Agency. Since the content of our work is very interdisciplinary, professionalism and consistency in the translation of individual texts is extremely important. We are often bound by short deadlines for the submission of individual materials that are requested in a foreign language, and the Julija agency is a great help to us in this regard, as their employees are extremely responsive and friendly, and always fulfil all agreed requirements.


At the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education, we regularly need to translate challenging texts into English. We most often work with the Julija Translation Agency, which responds very quickly to enquiries and always performs the ordered service within the agreed timeframe. The various demanding texts that we deal with are the reason that we have established a personal relationship with the employees at Julija, which further improves our cooperation.


The Julija Translation Agency is a very high-quality and reliable provider of translation services.


We have been working with the Julija Translation Agency for a long time and are satisfied with their translations, which were done professionally and within the agreed timeframe.


We are very satisfied with the Julija Translation Agency because they always respond quickly to our enquiries and orders, which are carried out at a high level of quality and within the agreed deadlines.


Translation in tourism is a rather complex affair as translations must not be too literal, and must be written with the same enthusiasm in all languages. The team at the Julija Translation Agency has proven to be diligent, systematic and fast.


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